“So much absolutely vital information. A lot of great content to increase margin and sales. I have ideas that will easily pay for [the seminar]. Presentations were very organized -- well presented, distilled nicely, and relevant to all scales of operations.”

Kudos & Endorsements

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“DeliOps is the Masters Class on prepared foods systems, the state of the industry and real world practices. It speaks to staff on the whole spectrum of experience, from a new supervisor to a veteran General Manager.

Toby Massey, Former Cooperative Retail Officer

La Montañita Co-op Food Market, NM

DeliOps was incredible, and a game changer. The content was invaluable. I've run Prepared Foods departments in large co-ops as well as Fortune 50 companies for 22 years. The ROI on this training will be paid back in months, not years.”

"This was the best presented, most cohesive and informative seminar I've ever attended. The information was correlated beautifully and delivered enthusiastically. Your forms are going to save me so much work. I never give all 5’s but you’ve earned it.”

Poly Collins, Deli Manager

Belfast Co-op, Belfast, ME

“All the information provided is relevant to our co-op's current operations. This was an eye-opening experience that many co-ops are working with the same challenges. It was great to work with peers from across the country.”

Jamie Young, Asst. Prepared Foods Manager

Monadnock Food Co-op, Keene, NH

“DeliOps is great for content, and for real life examples and networking. Being new to retail and delis, but not to foodservice, I'm amazed at how much there is to learn. Thanks for closing the gap.”

Peter Maccaroni, Deli Manager

Seward Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

“DeliOps gives you the tools you need to grow and build an effective production kitchen. This is a wonderful thing you’re teaching people and the systems are amazing. I don’t know how we ever ran our kitchen without them.”

Deziree Ferrin, Kitchen Manager

BriarPatch Food Co-op, Grass Valley, CA

“Great! 5 stars! A good mixture of hard-core to the point and upbeat comic fun! Great content -- perfect for our store -- and lots of tools to take back to the co-op.”

Josh Musselwhite, Deli Manager

Hendersonville Co-op, Hendersonville, NC

“The content and forms are great, having tools to implement is fantastic and knowing the content is available online is assuring. I appreciated the mix of presenters, and their great dynamic.”

Prasanna Regmi, General Manager

Davis Food Co-op, Davis, CA

“DeliOps was very well done and I highly recommend it to peer professionals. The sessions kept my attention and it helped me focus and organize my goals for the next two years.”

Jim Watkins, Food Service Manager

Central Co-op, Seattle, WA

“Top notch. It's just great. Structure and product stuff was amazing. My team is so much better prepared for success.”

Wesley Barga, Operations Director

Central Co-op, Seattle, WA

Cassie Moser, Deli Manager

Seward Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

“Super inspiring to see new ideas and ways to grow sales and revamp programs within a co-op deli. I love having the collaborative time here with my store colleague. Good Earth is top of line and so inspiring!”

“This seminar provided exactly what I needed -- training, perspective, peer connection, direction and resources. I now have a better grasp on our strengths and areas that need improvement. Getting coaching from experts in our field in an interactive environment surrounded by our peers is invaluable!”

Ricky Castaneda, Deli Manager

Palace Market, Pt. Reyes Station, CA

“The presenter was very professional, with great working knowledge and the ability to relate ideas. Each day was full and the content kept me and the other participants engaged. The experience was well worth the time and money invested.”

Rod Rehwinkel, Former Chef/Prepared Foods Manager

City Market/Onion River Coop, Burlington, VT

“Great investment. I can see my department easily recouping the cost in increased sales. Most topics had huge significance. I can see why stores are sending their whole deli leadership teams.”

Christophe Martens, Deli Manager

Kootenay Country Co-op, Nelson, BC

Alyson Weigle, Kitchen Manager

Perelandra Natural Foods, Brooklyn, NY

“Extremely informative and motivating. I feel like I'm leaving with a refreshed and knowledgable mindset. I'm anxious to get back and start making some positive changes."

“Very full of useful content. I learned a lot. Couldn’t be more relevant. Very well organized materials. Subjects tended to build on one another. I leave feeling more experienced and with more energy to create forward change.”

“I felt engaged and pumped up almost the entire time. I feel empowered to begin taking on issues I’ve felt overwhelmed with. I am confident we can do better and am ready to get our team excited and have a sense of pride about our operation.”

Anne Johnson, Deli Manager

Eastside Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

Ixchel Gillman, Kitchen Lead

Eastside Food Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

“One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. The thoroughness of the materials, the pace and exercises kept me and my coworker engaged and eager to participate. We feel ready to tackle our commitments supported with the tools we need to really make change happen."

“Overall, a great training. Lots of great information, with tools to set up your operation for strategic growth. Allen did a good job of keeping things flowing. I learned a lot and plan to send my staff in the future.”

Ray Williams, Store Manager

Seward Community Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

Robyn O'Brien, General Manager

Putney Food Co-op, Putney, VT

“I cannot imagine a faster and more enjoyable way to become oriented to the world of deli operations. I'm leaving feeling inspired and confident about supporting my deli crew!”

Kerry Morsek, Store Manager

Moscow Food Co-op, Moscow, ID

Opened my eyes in how to better assist and motivate deli managers and staff. I learned a lot in a short time about the ins and outs of delis. Great content, well organized and presented."

John Gousvaris, Store Manager

The Big Carrot, Toronto, ON

“Every segment gave me knowledge to take back to my deli. I am feeling much more confident and so excited and empowered to go back and share and implement all that I have learned. I finally have the knowledge and direction I’ve been looking for.”

“Everything was exactly what I was hoping and more. It will make me a better, more successful manager. Thanks for all the hard work and info, it was really a pleasure.”

Chris Opalenik, Deli Team Leader

Franklin Community Co-op, Greenfield, MA

Tara Apprill, Deli Manager

Chequamegon Food Co-op, Ashland, WI

Chris Maher, General Mgr

BriarPatch Food Co-op, Grass Valley, CA

“DeliOps presented a complete and cohesive approach to running my deli. This seminar gave me fully workable systems, insight into management strategies, and a profound sense of unlimited potential.”

“A really informative and enjoyable time. I walk away with a better understanding of and pride in my job. Thank you!”

Harrison Dockter, Deli Supervisor

BriarPatch Food Co-op, Grass Valley, CA

“This seminar opened my eyes to many new systems, ideas and concepts. Tons of helpful info and perspective. Great for improving operations. Hearing from a seasoned pro was really empowering."

Toni Maestas, Deli Manager 

River Valley Market, Northampton, MA

Adam Vickerman, Deli Mgr.

Seward Community Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

“I've learned a lot and have become inspired to take a lot of new ideas back to my team..”

Angelika Matthews, Deli Mgr.

Seward Community Co-op, Minneapolis, MN

“I learned a ton of information and much of the content applied to my everyday work. Cannot wait to get back to work. I'm ready to implement the new and exciting things I learned here."

Jon Watson, Sous Chef

Bi-Rite Market, San Francisco

“Everything was so informative and helpful to me. Allen explained everything in a way that made so much sense. Anyone in any deli should learn this stuff. I can't wait to get back and put everything to use."

Katie Teal, Deli Supervisor

Boney's Bayside Market, Coronado, CA

“DeliOps is the education I've been seeking. The tools I was lacking were all covered! Everything was extremely helpful, even for my small operation. A fantastic way to learn from other industry professionals."

Trenton Doyle, Kitchen Manager 

Isla Vista Food Co-op, Isla Vista, CA

“Great seminar!!! The content is tight and topics are what most delis need. The "pro tips" and being able to listen to so much sage advice was awesome. Allen's experience is so deep and broad it's hard not to get nuggets in each session."

Justin Pizzella, Former General Mgr.

East End Food Co-op, Pittsburgh, PA

”DeliOps is a comprehensive training that’s well organized and relevant for a wide array of experience levels – from deli leaders just starting their career, to those already leading a successful operation. I enjoyed that the content was delivered with wisdom, wit and humor.”

Michelle O’Connor

Moxie Consulting, Ashland, OR

“Thought-provoking, interesting and very empowering. Really helped me wrap my head around systems we work with. It was all really great. I could do this for 2 more days.”

Rob Lizotte, Kitchen Asst Mgr 

Franklin Community Co-op, Greenfield, MA

Seamus Scott, Prepared Foods Director

Roots Market, Clarksville, MD

“A cohesive resource...I learned quite a bit. Within days of implementing Allen’s suggestions our sales starting growing, and they haven't stopped since! He genuinely concerns himself with every store he's working."

“Content rich. The seminar provided me with great information and focus for my current position. Wish I’d have taken this course when I had my own business. It would have helped me a lot.”

Daniel Vollmer, Bakery Manager

Good Earth Natural Foods, Fairfax, CA

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