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Seminar Workbook Documents

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Most documents are available in your choice of file formats. Docs you might prefer to edit are furnished in Microsoft Word (.docx) format, or in Excel (.xlsx) format. Docs you may prefer to use as-is are furnished as Adobe Reader (.pdf) files.

A handful of documents are available only as PDF files because they were produced in specialized design applications that don’t convert into Word or Excel. Feel free to use these documents as models in developing your own versions or ask me to modify them for you.

Day 2
Recipe Costing & Margin Pricing
Kitchen Cost-Out & Item Entry Form
New Kitchen Item Form-11.xlsx
New Kitchen Item Form-11.pdf
Recipe Cost-Out Form (Basic)
Recipe Cost Out Short Form Blank.xlsx
Recipe Cost Out Short Form Blank.pdf
Ingredient & Recipe Change Form
Ingredient & Recipe Change Form.xlsx
Costing System Ingredient Template
Costing System Ingredient Template Example.xlsx
Weight-to-Volume Cost-Out Cheat Sheet
Cost Out Cheat Sheet-5.xlsx
Cost Out Cheat Sheet-5.pdf
Typical Prepared Foods Margin Bell Curve

Movie File: Deli Margin Bell Curve (Excerpt).m4v

Foodservice Financials
Critical Grocery Financials Formulae
Grocery Formulae-15.pdf
Deli Typical Operating Budget
Deli Typical Operating Budget.pdf
Foodservice Financial Case Study
Deli Case Study-2.xlsx (File Updated 5/8/15)
Deli Case Study-2.xlsx.pdf (File Updated 5/8/15)
Additional Sales Needed for Labor Calculator
Sales Needed for Labor-1.xlsx
Sales Needed for Labor-1.pdf
Labor Forecaster & Analyzer
Labor Forecaster-1.xlsx
Glossary Purchasing Terms
Glossary Purchasing Terms-4.docx
Glossary Purchasing Terms-4.pdf
Margin Troubleshooting Guide
Margin Troubleshooting Guide-1.docx
Commissary Margin Plans

Snappy Sandwiches
Sandwich Menu Costing & How-To Template
Sandwich Menu Template-7.xlsx

Blazing Hot Foods
Soup Menu Rotation & Plan-O-Gram
Note: This doc created in a design app that does not convert to Word or Excel, so it’s only available as a PDF. 
Hot Chicken Case Plan-O-Gram
Hot Chicken Case POG-1.xlsx
Hot Bar 5-Well POG + Prep Plans (Example)
Hot Bar, 5-Well POG + Plan-1.xlsx
Hot Bar Plan-O-Gram Forms (Blank)
Hot Bar Example POG-9.pdf
Note: This doc created in a design app that does not convert to Word or Excel, so it’s only available as a PDF. 
Hot Bar Job Responsibilities
Hot Bar Job Respons-4.docx
Hot Bar Chef’s Entree Repertoire Record
Hot Bar Chef Entree List.xlsx
Hot Bar Chef Entree List.pdf
Hot Bar Daily Cost Out & Margin Study
Hot Bar Daily Cost Out & Margin Study-4.xlsx
Pizza Program Costing & Pricing Spreadsheet
Pizza Costing & Pricing-9.xlsx
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Day 1
Your Power, Potential & Opportunity
Foodservice Director Job Description
Foodservice Leader JD.docx
Deli Program Assessment & Action Plan
Program Assess Action Plan.pdf

Structure & Organization
Typical Foodservice Labor & My Plan
Typical Labor & Plan-8.xlsx
Typical Labor & Plan-7.pdf
Foodservice Labor Productivity & PVPH Calculator
PVPH Calculator-9.xlsx
PVPH Calculator-9-HandCalc.pdf
Shift Leader Shift Description
SL Shift Description-5.doc
Shift Leader Manual
Shift Leader Manual-2.docx
Shift Leader Manual-2.pages
Foodservice Leadership Weekly Schedule
Deli Leaders Weekly Schedule-3.pdf
Deli Scheduling Template
Staff_Sked_Template-6.xlsx (Updated 5/3/18)
Schedule Request Forms
Schedule Request Forms-4.pdf
Note: This doc created in a design app that does not convert to Word or Excel, so it’s only available as a PDF. 
Scheduling Policy Example
Scheduling Policy.docx
New Hire 1st Day Check-In
New Hire 1st Day Check In-3.xlsx

Fresh Product Ideas & Trends

Movie File: Fresh Product Ideas & Trends.m4v

Essential Systems
Production Planning & Analysis Principles:
Production Planning Principles-1.pdf
Production Planning & Analysis, Part 1:
Prep & Production Trigger & Batch Lists
Prep & Production Trigger & Batch List Examples.xlsx
Production Planning & Analysis, Part 2:
Prep & Production Schedules
Prep & Production Schedule Examples.xlsx
Production Planning & Analysis, Part 3:
Margin Master
Margin Master-8.xlsx (File Updated 12/2/16)
Other Essential Systems Documents:
Salad Bar Prep List Examples
Salad Bar Prep List Examples.xlsx
Weekly G&G Entree Record Form
Weekly G&G Entree Record Form.xlsx
Weekly G&G Entree Record Form.pdf
Waste Log
Waste Log-15.xlsx
Waste Log-15.pdf
Pastry & Dessert Tracking Form
Pastry & Dessert Tracking-4.xlsx
Pastry & Dessert Tracking-4.pdf
Pastry & Dessert Margin Analysis
Pastry & Dessert Margin Analysis-2.xlsx
Kitchen Buyer’s Vendor Ordering Schedule
Buyer Ordering Schedule.xlsx
Out of Stock List
Out of Stock List-2.xlsx
Out of Stock List-2.pdf
Equipment Attention List
Equipment Attention List.xlsx
Receiving Log
Receiving Log-5.xlsx
Receiving Log-5.pdf
Kitchen Transfer Log & Summary
Kitchen Transfer System-10.xlsx
Kitchen Transfer System-10.pdf
Credit Log
Credit Log-6.xlsx
Credit Log-6.pdf

Developing Successful New Products
Recipe Development & Documentation Policy
Deli Recipe Policy-7.docx
New Foodservice Item Introduction Form
New Item Intro Form-7.docx
New Item Intro Form-7.pdf
Day 3
Making Grab & Go, GO! 
Service Labor Math: Grab & Go Vs. Service Case
The Math of G&G Vs Service Case-1.pdf
Grab & Go Product Categories & Plan-O-Grams
GrabGo POG-10.xlsx
G&G 8-Ft Product POG-10.pdf
Packaging List
Packaging Log-A, APS.xls
Packager List-B, MOC.xlsx 

Service, Merchandising, &tc.
Full-Service Case Strategies
Full-Service Case Strategies.docx
Full-Service Case Strategies.pdf
Deli Service Operations Manual, Example
Example Deli Staff & Ops Manual-9.docx
Downtime Duties Lists
Downtime Duties Lists.docx
Catering / Special Order Form
Catering Order Form-Paper-7.pdf
Note: This doc created in a design app that does not convert to Word or Excel, so it’s only available as a PDF. 
Deli Mission & Policy Handbook
ORC Deli Mission & Policy.docx
Weekly Cleaning List Examples & Templates
Cleaning, Weekly Skeds-6.xlsx
Foodservice Safety & Sanitation Handbook
Sanitation Manual-8.docx
Sanitation Manual-8.pdf
Thermometer Calibration Log
Thermometer Calibration Log.xls
Thermometer Calibration Log.pdf
Foodservice Leadership Meeting Agenda Form
Deli Leaders Mtg Agenda Forms-5.xlsx
Deli Leaders Mtg Agenda Forms-5.pdf

Product Packing

Ecological Packaging Materials





G&G Merchandising Smallwares



Chlorine-Free Peroxide Sanitizing Products



References & Resources

Recipe Costing

The Book Of Yields


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